Air cyber-security

Today, cyber threats exist in all spheres of human life, where information technology is widely penetrated.
The objects of aviation infrastructure, which in addition to airports include aircraft and are increasingly becoming targets of attacks.

What aviation cyber security includes today?

We can pintpoint the following vulnerable automated airport system that can be subject to hacker attacs:

– DDOS Attacks;

– Spoofing (replacement of video/photo flow);
– Traffic interception;
– Disabling of life-support system;
– Disabling of life-support system;
– False alarms;
– Disabling dispatch.


The tools and method used by hackers are constantly improved. The regular appearance of new ceberattacks makes ot necessary to implement a set of measures that begins with a full audit of the security system of the facility

We offer a range of services, the prupose of with create an up-to-date multy-level security system.

  1. Information security audit (penetration test, laboratory research);
  2. Design and implementation of information security system PICS;
  3. Honey pot;
  4. Organization of the security operation center;
  5. Use of virtual base station.
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